About Us

Welcome to Origin Structures. We are a civil, structural and environmental engineering consultancy based in York, UK.

Origin works on the premise that our built environment should enhance, not detract from, our natural world. We are inspired by the forms and processes of nature and believe that man’s built environment should be an inspiration to us all. Our buildings and shared space should contribute to the health and well being of all mankind, past, present and future.

It is only by working in harmony with nature and undertaking thoughtful and considerate design and structures that humanity will be able to contribute positively to our world, going forward. Origin’s mission is to produce inspiring structures which complement the spaces they inhabit, using resources efficiently and considerately, while providing a rich landscape for our future generations.

We believe that our buildings, villages, towns and cities should be harmonious with the landscape, efficient in the use of resources, yet well proportioned and rich in mystery.

We offer traditional engineering civil and structural design services. We can support you to create cost-effective, environmentally economical and well-proportioned designs which will work as much-loved landmarks in the space they inhabit. We offer traditional engineering, civil and structural design for projects, and can also support you to consider the environmental implications of your structures to provide the best possible foundation for future longevity and an immediate positive impact.