Engineering has traditionally involved the provision of the everyday infrastructure in which society works. This includes transport networks, water and sewerage services,  communication systems and all the buildings in which we live, learn, work and play. It is a profession that has served society well but be there is an  increasing awareness that these vital activities which form the man-made framework of human life need to be more sensitively designed to lessen the impact on the natural environment. Our modern infrastructure of consumption needs to work more in harmony with the physical world in our pursuit of a common happiness.

Engineers at Origin have had experience in the provision of transport infrastructure, building design, industrial terminals, power networks, bridges and stadia. But our trained professionals also have environmental qualifications and we network with other like-minded professionals from other disciplines to present a coherent approach to holistic design. This includes assessing energy needs and generation and material sourcing.

Our past experience has been in the following areas of construction:

  • residential and commercial building design
  • power-line infrastructure network design
  • oil and gas
  • building renovation
  • bridges
  • 3D structures (using Formex)

We provide design, draughting, 3D computer modelling and analysis of any type of structure. We have been engaged on projects at home in the UK and abroad, including Egypt, India, Europe and the USA. Some of the services we offer are:

  • concept studies
  • modelling for analysis and visualisation
  • detailed structural design and drawing
  • 3D analysis
  • renewable energy consultations
  • temporary works for construction
  • environmental considerations of design and materials
  • CEEQUAL assessments
  • site specific solar evaluations of sites and buildings